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Matis Products uses the best of what science and nature have to offer to create effective yet luxurious skin care products. Designed to nourish, revive and protect the skin, Matis Paris is the perfect way to achieve a younger-looking and more beautiful complexion.

Matis was founded in 1936 in Paris by the creation of a formulation laboratory by Doctor Mavromati, a chemist in cosmetology. For over 78 years, Matis has been a pioneer in professional beauty treatments. Its products, methods and unique techniques of treatments have made the brand a true reference in the professional world of beauty salons. Matis belongs the very selective “Club” of Brands exclusively dedicated to a world unlike any other in which beauty therapists maintain a true relationship of expertise and provide tailor-made treatments to their clients.

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Réponse Corrective

The cosmetic alternative to aesthetic medicine. Inspired by cosmetic surgery techniques, RÉPONSE CORRECTIVE responds to the first ageing signs of men and women at the age of 30 years old.

Réponse Intensive

The quintessence of the advanced Matis research to fight signs of ageing.

The Réponse Intensive line assists all women as of 40 who are sensitive to cosmetic innovations. Combining unique active ingredients in a creamy and generous formulas, Reponse Intensive is composed of 9 products providing comfort, density and tone.

Réponse Jeunesse

The essential line focused on the anti-age prevention to help women preserve their youth capital and to be less exposed to passing time effects on their face. Intended to women as of 25 years old who wish to preserve their beauty capital, Réponse Jeunesse is an essential daily regimen of the skin. It will allow to preserve and maintain its youth potential.

Cell Expert

Cell Expert is a beauty elixir which, thanks to the exclusive Matis active ingredient: the MatiStem CC™, allows to protect the environment of the skin stem cells and to help prolong their capacity as to initiate the cell renewal process.

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