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Matis Facial Care by MC Laser Clinic & Salon

One of the most relaxing experiences that men and women can undergo is getting a facial – not to mention the medical benefits! At MC Laser Clinic & Salon, our skin care experts offer the most professional and comprehensive facials available in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We only use the highest quality Matis Paris products to ensure that your skin feels smooth, relaxed and healthy after a facial appointment with us. Below is some more information on the facial treatment available from MC Laser Clinic & Salon.

How Do Our Facial Treatments Work?

At MC Laser Clinic & Salon, we recognize that everybody’s skin is different and everybody has different skin care needs. That’s why our skin care professionals start every facial treatment with a personal consultation to assess your individual needs. After consultation with a client, a skin care professional becomes familiar with your skin and existing skin problems providing advice, targeting skin problems and allowing better treatments to take place. Depending on your skin needs, facials can target problematic conditions or can be used for relaxation.

Our Products

At MC Laser Clinic & Salon,  We only use the highest quality skin care products from Matis Paris, one of the leading skin care companies in the world. The innovative products from Matis can help you to achieve the glowing skin you want without any redness or irritation.

Matis has been creating high quality skin care products for almost 80 years. Founded in Paris by Doctor Mavromati, a world renowned skin care expert. Matis has a wide selection of hypoallergenic products for all skin types and needs. During our consultation, we’ll determine which products to use during your facial depending on your skin type and desired results. For the most effective and more personalized facial treatment in Ottawa and the surrounding area, trust Matis Paris and the skin care specialists at MC Laser Clinic & Salon.

Benefits of Facials

Many people think of facials as an indulgence, but regular facials can actually have many therapeutic and health benefits. Here are the benefits of getting a professional facial treatment:

  • They can help you relax, allowing you to let go off emotional stress and tension.
  • Facials can help clear away dead skin cells and reveal your natural glow
  • Facials promote healthy blood circulation under the skin, which allows your body to renew skin cells faster.
  • A professional facial can help reduce the visible signs of aging by fighting dark spots, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Besides all these physical and emotional benefits of regular facials, meeting with a professional skin care specialist can help you to determine the best at-home skin care routine for you. Give your skin the rejuvenation it needs with professional facial treatments from MC Laser Clinic & Salon.

MC Laser Clinic & Salon: Expert Facials You Can Trust

A professional facial is not only beneficial for the physical health of your skin—it can also be a great way to relax and allow yourself to let go of whatever emotional stress and tension you’ve been holding on to.

At MC Laser Clinic & Salon, we believe in a personalized approach to skin care services. That’s why we begin every facial treatment with an in-depth consultation to determine how to best address your skin care needs. We use only the highest quality hypoallergenic skin care products so you can get the most effective facial possible. Get the glowing, radiant skin you want with facial treatments from MC Laser Clinic & Salon. For more information about our facial and skin care services, contact our team of specialists today.

MC Laser Clinic & Salon will make your Facial a truly enjoyable experience!

Contact MC Laser Clinic & Salon to set-up a consultation.


Matis : A Beauty Professional At Your Service

Matis Initial Skin Enhancer

60 minutes – $95

A dual action facial that gives instant radiance and vitality to skin. A choice of products allows us to adapt this facial to suit your skin type, so is suitable for delicate/sensitive, ageing and combination skins.

Matis Absolute Purity Treatment

60 minutes – $95

Restores radiance and luminosity to combination and oily skin. An innovative treatment to matify, regulate and refine skin texture.

Matis Hyaluronic Performance

60 minutes – $95

A hydrating facial using products containing hyaluronic acid which helps to boost the natural hydration levels of the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Matis Densifying Expert Treatment

90 minutes – $105

Tailor made professional skin care treatment to help mature skin. Active anti-ageing products help repair and bring substance, tone and firmness to your skin.

Caviar-active Premium Care

90 minutes – $120

This luxurious, intensive and deeply moisturising treatment is designed for tired mature skin in need of a boost. Using caviare and non-surgical face lift the treatment will leave your skin feeling smoother, firmer and more elastic with a brighter complexion.

Youth Skin Radiance Facial

60 minutes – $60

We use products that incorporate the finest and most effective plant extracts and oils. The facial is customised to suit your specific needs, so is suitable for all skin types.

Because each woman is unique, Matis provides a made-to-measure solution

that begins in the salon with the beauty therapist and extends to home.


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