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Laser Vein Removal

We believe that nobody should be uncomfortable in their own skin. That’s why we offer the best laser vein removal in Ottawa. Our laser vein treatments are non-invasive and are the preferred alternative to sclerotherapy and vein stripping. Get rid of unwanted veins and feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Our experts have a passion for restoring your confidence and having each and every client love the way that they feel. Stop by MC Laser Clinic and see for yourself.

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Spider Vein Removal Ottawa

Spider Veins are small, purple, blue and sometimes red vessels that are visible under the skin. They are most often found on the legs and the face. Unfortunately, people can become self conscious and even embarrassed about their spider veins. That’s why we work to make each and every client feel comfortable in their own skin using laser vein removal treatments for spider vein removal.

Not everyone gets spider veins but it’s been found to be more prominent in women than in men, and more specifically pregnant women. You occupation can make you more susceptible to spider veins, especially ones that have you standing all the time like nursing, hair stylists, cashiers and teachers. It could also be due to obesity, hormones, blood clots and in some cases it’s just hereditary. One thing is for sure, we’re very happy to use our spider vein removal treatment to get you feeling comfortable in your own skin once again.

Laser Vein Removal Pricing

Facial Veins $150+
Spider Veins $150+
Angiomas $49+

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without any notice. All applicable taxes are not included in the price. All prices are quote as per session.