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SkinPen® Microneedling

SkinPen Microneedling offers next level skin remodeling and rejuvenation.

Keep your skin feeling and looking youthful! By activating your body’s natural healing response, This non-invasive procedure rejuvenates your skin in the most natural way possible.

With the triggered induction of Collagen and Elastin, SkinPen Microneedling evens out your skin tone, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles as well as treats acne scars and surgical scars. Innovative treatment with a state of the art tool, offers an unmatched skin rejuvenation with very little downtime!

Microneedling Device

Benefits of SkinPen Microneedling

  • Prevents the signs of aging

  • Treats stretch marks and acne scars

  • Improves melasma and sun damage

  • Firms and tighten the skin

  • Smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines

How does SkinPen Microneedling work?

With 14 tiny surgical grades needles, SkinPen creates thousands of micro-channels into your skin. The natural wound healing process begins immediately; Induced collagen and elastin remodels and rejuvenate your skin while reversing the visible signs of aging. Results are smooth, bright and more youthful radiant Skin.

When will I see results?

Although you will see radiant skin within the first week, your results will be noticed 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. Individual results may vary, depending on individual’s skin health. Revitalized and Remodelled skin!  That’s what SkinPen Microneedling has to offer!

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What are the contraindications for SkinPen Microneedling.
SkinPen treatments are contraindicated for patients with: Keloid Scars, Scleroderma, collagen
vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities, a hemorrhagic disorder or active bacterial or fungal
Women who are pregnant or nursing; keloid scars; patients with history of eczema, psoriasis
and other chronic conditions; patients with history of Actinic (solar) keratosis; patients with
history of Herpes Simplex infections; diabetics or patients with wound-healing deficiencies;
patients with immunosuppressive therapy; and skin with presence of raised moles or warts in
targeted area.

What is SkinPen Microneedling?
SkinPen, also known as collagen induction therapy, stimulates your skin’s natural ability to
repair itself and produce new collagen and elastin for healthier, younger looking skin. This
treatment can be used on all parts of the body: face, neck, décolleté, arms, legs, abdomen and

How does SkinPen work?
SkinPen creates tiny micro-channels which allow for controlled induction of the skin’s self-
repair mechanism. This immediately triggers new collagen and elastin fibers to form, creating a
result of smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. SkinPen can reverse years of sun damage,
improve acne and surgical scars, reduce pore size and enhance the overall appearance of aging

How many treatments will I need?
The number of Skinpen procedures required will be determined upon your individual goals and
health of your skin. Your provider will recommend a course of procedures (three to six)
appropriate to your skin needs and request your return within four to six weeks for your next
procedure, to insure optimal results.

When will I see results?
Most patients notice healthier looking skin immediately. The natural repair process of your skin
continues to progress over the course of several weeks. Dermal collagen remodeling takes
place over time and it will continue to improve for up to 6 months after treatment.

How should I do to prepare for this treatment?
You will be asked to discontinue use of Retin A, Retinols, Vitamin A creams and other topic
medications for 3-5 days before your micro needling treatment. It is required that you wear a
physical sunscreen daily of an SPF 30+ and use the appropriate home care topical products.

What should I expect after my SkinPen treatment?
After your treatment, your skin will be slightly pink and puffy for up to 24 hours. Mostly feeling
and looking like you have a sunburn. This will dissipate throughout the day. Only the use of
Skinfuse Rescue is mandatory in the first 24hrs after treatment.
You may also experience some tightness, or tenderness on the treated area the following day.
Apply Rescue until finished. Approximately 2-3 days after the treatment, your skin will have
some light to mild flaking and dryness. You will start to feel and see an improvement in your
skin’s health as soon as one week after your treatment.

Post-SkinPen Care Instructions:

• Cleanse your skin a few hours after treatment and before bed time. Use gentle
cleanser such as the one provided in our Rejudicare home-care regimen. Gently
massage the face then rinse with tepid water. Apply Post-Procedure Skinfuse
• After 48 hours following treatment, you can return to regular skin care
regimen. Retinol and Vitamin C with Peptides are strongly suggested to use for
optimal results. Products are included in the 90 days home-care regimen.
• No sunscreen OR makeup for 12 hours following procedure.
• Increase water intake to include at least 8 glasses.
• Physical sun block of SPF 30+ must be used and reapplied regularly.

What to Avoid after SkinPen treatment:

• For at least 48 hours post treatment, DO NOT use any Alpha or Beta Hydroxy
Acids, Retinol, Vitamin C or any products perceived as “ACTIVE” skincare.
• Avoid intentional and direct sunlight exposure for 24 hours. No tanning beds
• Avoid swimming for at least 72 hours post-treatment.
• Avoid exercising or strenuous activities for 72 hours post-treatment.

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