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Spa Treatments

MC Laser Clinic & Salon Spa Treatments

As a laser clinic & hair salon, we wanted to give our client the best most relaxing experience possible. The MC Laser Clinic & Hair Salon experience is much than just how you look, but how you feel. That’s why we’ve added relaxing facials for a younger, cleaner feel, eyebrow threading for a sharper look, perfect to go with your new hairstyle, and body waxing for longer lasting, smoother skin.




At MC Laser Clinic & Salon, we recognize that everybody’s skin is different and everybody has different skin care needs. That’s why our skin care professionals start every facial treatment with a personal consultation to assess your individual needs. After consultation with a client, a skin care professional becomes familiar with your skin and existing skin problems providing advice, targeting skin problems and allowing better treatments to take place.

AFA skin peels provide the benefits of exfoliation and antioxidants without the level of irritation sometimes associated with other powerful skin care treatments. They can help with skin texture, age spots, sun spots and acne. AFA Skin Peels utilize the power of amino acids to help lock moisture in the skin and protect it against sun damage. Most patients notice visible improvement in their skin very quickly, often within a few days. It is the ideal peel solution for the most Sensitive Skin and those who suffer from Rosacea.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal that has never lost its popularity. It provides precise control for shaping eyebrows and is gentler on the skin than waxing. Unlike tweezing, threading can remove short lines of hair and give a sharply cut look. At MC Laser Clinic & Salon, we offer the most expertise eyebrow threading treatments in Ottawa.

Enjoy yourself and get pleasure of silky smooth skin with waxing! Waxing is an option for women and men to remove unwanted hair from the body and at MC Laser Clinic & Salon, you’ll get professional and personal service. You can sit back and have a professional do the waxing in a safe and clean environment.