Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Our Chi Enviro Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Do you suffer from dry, brittle, frizzy or unmanageable hair? Many over-the-counter conditioners promise smooth and silky hair but don’t provide the kind of restoration your hair needs to be naturally conditioned and manageable. That’s why MC Laser Clinic & Salon offers CHI ENVIRO Keratin Smoothing Treatments, the latest and most innovative conditioning technique. We are one of the only hair salons in Ottawa that offers this treatment, which helps to smooth your hair without causing any more damage. Here is some more information about Keratin Smoothing Treatments, one of the many specialized haircare services provided by the professional stylists at MC Laser Clinic & Salon.

What is Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a conditioning technique to help you gain healthier hair. The treatment is simple and eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curls. If you have dry, frizzy or unmanageable hair, this smoothing treatment works to strengthen your hair. Keratin Smoothing Treatments are formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl complexes and are 100% formaldehyde free, natural and safe. It’s guaranteed to leave your hair healthier, stronger and smoother, well protected against humidity as well while adding an amazing shine.

The treatment works to improve the quality of your hair by repairing its structure and strengthening your hair to make it more manageable. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment works on any type of hair – damaged, healthy, frizzy, naturally curly or straight. No matter the texture or condition of your hair, you can trust the professional haircare technicians will restore the natural beauty of your hair.

Keratin Smoothing Pricing

CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment
Starting at $320


Can the CHI Enviro Smoothing System be used on chemically treated, previously relaxed or straightened hair?

Yes, it may even help to restore hair’s moisture, leaving hair silky and shiny.

Can I wash my hair after the treatment?

We suggest waiting 2 days (48 hours) before you shampoo. If you accidently get your hair wet, dry hair immediately and smooth with correct temperature of your CHI Iron.

Can I use hair ties?

You must not use ponytail bands, clips, headbands, or anything that would stifle the hair’s straight pattern 48 hours after the treatment.

Can I color my hair?

Yes. Permanent hair color or highlights are recommended prior to treatment. Semi-permanent color, glazes or any kind of demi-colors will act as a sealer and extend the life of your color, with shine and luster.

How long will this treatment last?

The treatment should last up to 4 months depending upon hair type and maintenance provided at home from client. Client is recommended to use the CHI Enviro Home Care Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner for prolonged results.

How much time should be allowed for each client?

The length, density, and amount of a person’s hair will determine the time spent during this service. Average time is usually 2 hours.

What about touch ups or new growth, how often will I need a touch up?

This treatment can be given again after 4-6 weeks depending on the longevity.

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