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What Our Clients Say

Jilla Assaad

Excellent experience! Cherine is very professional, kind, funny, and a pleasure to visit! Not to mention she has the BEST laser hair removal machine in Ottawa. It really did work! I have tried three different laser hair removal places in Ottawa over the years, and one in Montreal..Cherine’s is the only one that permanently stopped the hair from growing back!

Ranya Mazloum

I had a facial with the most talented Cherine earlier this afternoon. Absolutely loved it… My face feels so smooth and looks so bright, I can already see a difference. I will forsure be going back for another one! Matis products are the best 🙂 So relaxing and made me feel so welcome. Such an amazing salon with even greater service! I highly recommend it (especially getting your eyebrows done)

Andrea Khouri

I’ve been doing laser with Cherine for the last few months and all I can say is wow! I am so comfortable with her and she always make sure to explain everything and answer all my questions, she is truly wonderful. Just after the first session my results were great. Moodie and Cherine are so welcoming and friendly and I really enjoy hanging out with them. Such professionals! I will definetly be coming back here and recommending them to all my friends, for sure the best salon I’ve been to 🙂

Kimia Taghizadeh Ansari

Nice, friendly and talented familly.
Moodie, Cherine and Sooe ( owner, his wife, his sister) give you one of the best services in Ottawa.
I know them for almost 7 years now and I just book with them and come to their salon for different services (color, cut, style, laser, eyebrows and much more) without even thinking about other places.
They ask for a fair service fee and I enjoy hanging out with them and drinking their lebanese coffee ????.
I highly recommend them.

Lisa Sicoli

All of the style and none of the pretense! Hairdressers Sue and Moodie are extremely skilled stylists…I see both as hairdressers and I just love sitting in their chairs! I am so happy with how Sue cuts and styles my curly hair – and if I have an event to go too, her style for an evening out will knock your socks off!!! My curls remain beautiful, and the thing I love most is that my hairdo lasts ALL day and night!!! Moodie styles my hair as well, and he is amazing at what he does and is a master colourist! When I walk into their salon, I feel like I am walking inside my own home. Everyone is beyond lovely, friendly, approachable and professional. They all really know their craft. Sue does my colour and she offers great advice and is a good listener, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Everyone at this salon is friendly and the mood is relaxing and calming, a glorious experience all around. The salon location is an excellent area, they provide a great experience from start to finish, stylists who keep their skills current, attentive, and are great communicators. Always on-time, you never have to wait. I love that they book accordingly! The salon has the absolute BEST laser machine in the city!! Results are noticed instantly and Cherine is lovely and amazing at what she does. I have tried many laser companies in the past and nothing works better than the machine at this salon! The rest of the spa packages that are offered are sure to please and never disappoint! Overall, I am so pleased with the results and I adore the staff. I am at the salon every week because my hair is always on point once their finished styling it, I enjoy the atmosphere and it just makes you want to keep going back!

Samah Hajo

After hearing from a few friends that Moodie is one of the best in Ottawa, I decided to give them a try on Friday, I did highlights, cut and style. And WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever left a salon 100% satisfied but my visit with Moodie was an amazing experience from beginning to end. I was offered a cup of their traditional coffee to start, owners were very friendly and professional, (and funny), prices were very reasonable and most of all I left the salon beyond happy with my hair. So glad I found a salon I can stick with!!

Valerie Douglas

I have been coming to this hair salon for over 15 years and followed them to the new location. I find Moodie consistently top quality. He cares for my hair and I feel I always look my best. My latest highlights in my hair are just wonderful. I really y like the products they have for my hair and my skin. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. Cherine has also given me great advice regarding my skin care. She has a bubbly positive personality and is very knowledge about different types of skin.

Pia Salvo

I have been a client of MC Laser clinic and hair salon for past two years. I am always impressed by their professionalism, expertise and most importantly customer services. I just completed a 5 session laser package treatment with Cherine and have seen great results. Cherine is so patience and kind, she makes each laser session fun and relaxing. I have also had multiple facials and love the Matis line. It has done wonders to my skin. Moodie, also cuts and colours my hair. He especially knows how to blow dry thick curly hair, that lasts for days! I always leave his chair with great results. It is a great salon that offers a variety of services, hair, esthectics and laser treatments- it is hidden gem on Baseline/Prince of Wales road. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!!

Dawn Rogerson

OMGOSH! I’m just saw myself in the mirror and I can’t stop smiling 🙂 I am a 58 year old woman who hasn’t smiled at her image for quite awhile now. But thanks to Moodie, who actually knows what he’s doing especially as a colourist, well also great stylist (I finally after years and hundreds of dollars finally found the “one” :)) And he actually even gave me the perfect bang! I swear, I am never letting anyone else put a hand on my hair ever again. But I also had my first ever Facial Tightening Session. I honestly feel happy with my old, sagging face again. No, I should say, I no longer have my old, sagging face anymore! Even after my first treatment. While it can be uncomfortable at times, it is tolerable and was done at my pace. I’m not kidding ladies, men, my neck and jowls already look pretty darn great! Thanks Cherine (Moodie’s wife. Hence, M C) And they themselves, already feel like family! (Moodie even made me lunch! But, please don’t ask to be fed ????)

Deborah Evans

Wonderful environment. Felt very comfortable while getting consultation and felt I was fully provided with truthful information about what to expect. I had Laser hair removal as well as face tightening and have been overwhelmed with the results. I’ve never written a review online before but felt so strongly with the experience that I had to write this

Kristin G.

Hair and aesthetics are top notch A+++. Very knowledgable, hardworking and dedicated people. Experts in fields and stay up to date with all current styles and technology. Best laser hair removal in the city!

Rachelle Beaino

This is the best salon ever!

I have been to many salons before and this is the best one. Amazing service, reasonable prices, very clean!

I do laser hair removal with Cherine and I highly recommend her. She is patient, makes sure you are comfortable, and explains everything to you before the procedure. She is extremely knowledgeable. I am on my 5th session with her and the results are amazing. With laser hair removal with Cherine, you see results immediately!

Cherine checks up on you between your sessions to see how the process is, so her commitment is not just during the sessions but the whole time throughout your laser hair removal process.

I do all other things with her, and she is very professional with all her services from facials, threading and waxing, etc. but if you’re thinking laser hair removal, go to Cherine!


I go to Cherine for facial and my eyebrows. She is amazing!! Suggested her to few of my frinends and they are very satisfied as well.
Recently, she got a Laser machine (Gentel Max – an excellent machine) I am going to her for laser of my legs, underarm and face – I am on my 3rd treatment so far I have had amazing results. I recommend her to everyone I know! She is profesional, very good at what she does. She will call you home to check on you after your treatment and you can call her anytime if you have any questions.
I am so glad I discovered this place!!

Antigona Sallahu

If someone needs a facial, waxing, eyebrow threading, and laser hair removal you really should consider visiting Cherine, with no doubt. I did hair laser removal a year ago. I am so pleased and it was worth it 100% every penny I spend. I was very hairy, and telling the truth I have never considered I would have the result I got after I finished the 6th treatment. I am very blessed that I had a chance to meet her, she is amazing and super friendly. She was always patient, precise and took her time when she did laser, eyebrow and facial on me. Regrading cleanliness, that place is very pristine.

Mavis Webster Collins

When I moved here from Halifax in 2009, I searched 6 years to get a hair dresser that would listen to how I wanted my hair done. In 2015, I went to Moodie and told him how I would like my hair done. From that time on, he always does my hair consistently and I never have to tell him what I want. He advises me each time what he should do and I always leave loving how he finishes my hair. I never want to go home and redo my hair. In fact, I dont want to touch it and it stays looking good for a few days. He is the expert and I love this type of customer service.