You thought back-to-school deals were only there for kids’ and students’ stuff? Adorable.

Summer is all fun and games until we take a step back and take a look at our skin. You’re still as beautiful, hopefully sporting a nice tan, but the damage the Sun can cause is real. That’s why for the whole month of September, we’re offering $50 off on a Derma Peel Treatment!

Moms & Teachers Unite!

We know that real heroes hide backstage, organizing road trips and family vacations during the summer, and now the same people are preparing their little ones for a new school year. Exciting? Yes. Tiring? Also yes.

There are teachers out there getting ready for a new year of shaping young people’s minds. You need some back-to-school pampering too to prepare you for handling all that stress, and MC Laser Hair Clinic & Salon has got your back!

Get $50 Off on The Perfect Derma Peel And Erase the Summer Damage Off Your Skin!

The Perfect Derma Peel is a medical-grade chemical peel that helps transform your skin in a week! Get younger-looking, healthier and clearer skin and leave our place ready to take on the new school year!

Book a Perfect Derma Peel treatment and remove those annoying fine lines! This treatment is great for dealing with acne, uneven skin tone and texture, and getting rid of sun damage!

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