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MicroGen Package of 3 Microneedling & 3 Laser Genesis


Get the MicroGen package of 3 Microneedling and 3 Laser Genesis today – Valued at $1950!

When Microneedling meets Laser Genesis, magic happens! These are two of our favourite skin treatments at MC Laser Clinic and we’ve combined them into one amazing Anti-Aging Combo; MicroGen Treatment!

Address fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and the texture changes that come with age, with our MicroGen Anti-Agin Combo. We combine the benefits of our deep, collagen-boosting, non-invasive Laser Genesis with effective but gentle Microneedling resurfacing for smooth, refreshed, younger looking skin..

Our Anti-Aging Combo treatment combines the benefits of two powerful procedures, that are both fabulous on their own, for maximum effectiveness. Let us tell you a bit about each of these treatments and why they work so well together. You can begin by thinking of Laser Genesis as the cake, and Microneedling the icing! Laser Genesis works from the deeper layers up and Microneedling works from the surface down.



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